This simple website has information related to the Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations and Starwood.   It is a private website and has no affiliation with Marriott, Marriott International, or Marriott Vacation Club (which are trademarks of Marriott), Hilton or Hilton Grand Vacations (which are trademarks of Hilton), or Starwood (which is a trademark of Starwood).


There are several weblinks and reference documents available on this website:


1) Link to another website where Marriott owners are renting points to/from one another

2) Information on the Points value of various weeks in the Marriott system

3) Data files for the three systems

4) A sample document that people can utilize (if they wish) for point transfers




Website link for Renting Points  


If you are interested in renting Marriott DC points (or offering points for rent), please visit




Points Values

If you are looking for information on the Marriott DC Points Values (the amount of points that a property can be redeemed for) of the various Marriott properties, please see the information following.   There are two files that have been compiled over time.


The first file (Point Values v10) is the current version of the original document compiled over time with information from multiple TUGgers, and includes projected MRP redemption data.  It is considered the most accurate file, but may still contain errors (please communicate any corrections to me via PM on TUG or VPE)



The second file (Point Values Update v1) was compiled from information from Marriott -- but there are a number of errors in it, compared to actual user experience.   We initially believed this would be most comprehensive and accurate because it was sourced from Marriott, but it turns out to have numerous modest errors.   Points Values v10 is likely the more accurate file at this point.   We are keeping on this website as a source because it includes numerous other View Categories, Seasons and Fixed Weeks that we hope to collect over time and add to our other file.






Data files related to the different timeshare systems


Following are points charts for both Marriott DClub (Marriott points charts 2013 w EU) and Ritz Carlton properties (Ritz DC 2013 Points Chart) -- showing the current number of Marriott Vacation Club points required.  Also included is Starwood's chart (StarOptions Chart Original) for their point system.





Site maps and miscellaneous information on certain properties that I track: 



Here is an excerpt from Marriott's Information Statement, that appears to show the total number of weeks at each property -- data as of June 2011.  It does not break down the units by view category.




Interval International Data


The following are TDI's for these same properties (and others of interest):




The following chart (II chart) is a document that shows the DClub points required to book II trades.   Although not intended to be used this way, I believe it provides clues on relative trading power of different size units (ie a 3BR TDI 115 has more trade power than a 2BR TDI 150).   But this is an unproven hypothesis.



List from 2009 (II Weeks Color) showing how II has historically "Seasoned" the various Marriott weeks, as II will consider weeks to be Red (or Yellow/Green) differently from Marriott's Platinum/Gold/Silver classifications.  In theory, II may prize a week more highly for trading (as a Red week) than Marriott did for retail sales purposes.




 Sample Points Transfer Agreement


The attached document (SampleTransferAgreement v3) is an informal document a transaction transferring points from one account to another. This could be used in point rentals transactions -- and is not required by Marriott to transfer points. It has been created to allow some level of paper trail to assist with providing legitimacy to transactions. Please note: there are scammers out there so please take precautions to ensure the point transactions are with legitimate parties.








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